Huaran and Lares

The Valley of Lares is an area characterized by the manufacture of textiles using traditional methods, knowledge and tools inherited from ancient times. During the tour we will reach an altitude of 4600 m and pass through Quechua, Suni and Puna regions.

The geography is spectacular , there will be an opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of the area and see groups of camelids such as llamas and alpaca. Their breeding is one of the main economic activities in the area along with hand crafted textiles.


Day 1 : Cusco, Huaran and Cancha Cancha

We pick you up early and head to the town of Calca in the Sacred Valley. From here we continue along the road to the Fundo Huaran (a place to gather and produce wool in colonial times). Here we obtain the mules and their handlers who will transport our gear and backpacks.

Our path follows the main road for about two hours where we will have the opportunity to enjoy the creek, native flora and birds, hummingbirds in particular. Leaving the main road we will take a path to reach the Suni region amid a forest of native Queuña trees that are adapted to the altitude where we will have lunch by the river. The gorge will narrow as we descend and we will reach the community of Cancha Cancha. This population is devoted primarily to agriculture and raising llamas and alpacas. Here we will have dinner and camp.

Day 2 : Cancha Cancha and the Lares Hot Springs

After breakfast we begin to hike to Kishuarani (3670 m ). On the way we will pass by a place called Pachacutec (4420 m) where we can seethe snowy Mounts Pitusiray and Sahuasiray. Continuing on, we will arrive at the community of Cuncani where we can observe typical mountain dress of the people. After about 6 hours we will arrive at the hot springs of Lares where one can take advantage of the relaxing waters, have dinner and spend the night.

Day 3 : Lares and Cusco

After breakfast there is free time to enjoy the hot springs. We will then make the two hour return journey to Calca by combi and from there return to Cusco. This concludes the tour.