Cultural and Experiential Tour in the Qeros Community


The Qeros tour is the ultimate in cultural tourism. If you’d like to experience and participate in the daily lives of Peruvian villagers, this is the tour for you.

Day 1 : Ocongate – Coline Qeros

We leave the hotel at 6:00 am by car to head to the town of Coline (south of the Cusco area ). Before arriving in Coline we will pass through the towns of Saylla, Huasao, Huaro and Urcos. Here we will meet up with our transportation team of mules and their handlers who will accompany us during the three day trek, taking charge of and carrying all the luggage. After a brief break to get ready we will begin the trek. Throughout the trip we will see beautiful landscapes, lakes, typical houses of the Andes and people in typical attire.

We will trek to 4,700 meters where we will have a short break to enjoy the view of the Apus (Mountains): Quinsachaca , Condorsenca and Apacheta. We will then descend to the village of Lluscapata, arriving at around 5:30 where there is an opportunity to take part in a number of activities of the village. In the evening we will have a typical dinner and sleep in the houses of the villagers themselves. After dinner there will be a ceremony, “pago a la tierra”, a traditional way of giving thanks. This ceremony is done by the community as a legacy of our ancestors, the Incas.

Day 2: Lluscapata

After eating breakfast you may participate in the daily chores of the community as caring for grazing llamas, labor in planting or harvesting of potatoes and observe and participate in the knitting of blankets, ponchos, and chullos (hats). At noon is lunch, which is shared with the villagers of Qeros. After lunch there is a short rest, after which we head to the river to fish with nets. We have dinner here and stay another night.

Day 3 : Lluscapata – Ocongate – Cusco

After breakfast we get ready to return to the city of Cusco, arriving at the village of Coline to eat chicken soup for lunch. We continue our journey and arrive in Cusco at around 7:00 pm.